Thursday, February 19, 2015

Image result for a child called it I read A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer. I chose this book because the story seemed very inspirational and also seemed very good. As most of us do, I read the back cover of my memoir and was instantly intrigued. The lead of the book hooked me and I wanted to read more right away. This story was sad and very gross but that only made the story better. A Child Called “It” follows the story of a young boy in elementary school. His name is Dave, and is part of one of the worst abuse cases in California history. Dave takes the reader in depth about some of the awful experiences he must go through. His mom does not allow him to eat much at all, and he must overcome the fact that the rest of his family simply doesn't care for him anymore. He gets one set of clothes each year, so he has a terrible stench that follows him as well. At school, he is made fun of for stealing and looking bad, and his mom comes up with ridiculous stories about how he has hurt himself. He steals lunches at school and shoplifts grocery stores, only to come home and have to throw it all up with the force of his mom. Both his parents drink, and he is not sure whether he hates his mom more for abusing him, or his dad for doing nothing about it. One of the more gruesome events in the story is when Dave’s mom makes him eat a used diaper that was once his baby brother’s. Dave isn't allowed to even sit with the family, and must sleep on a cold, hard cot in the garage. Every time he manages to find food, whether it comes from the garbage can or leftovers on a plate, his mom soon finds out and punishes him. Dave uses a slow pace when telling the story, and gives the reader a lot of description. By the end of the book, you think you were in his shoes. The plot seems absolutely devastating, but I did learn a few things from A Child Called “It”.

A Child Called “It” provided a lot of good messages throughout the book. The most interesting was that no matter how hard life hits you, you just have to keep fighting and eventually the results will take care of themselves. Dave shows an incredible amount of fight throughout the whole story, and when he finally is ready to give up, he keeps going and never gives in. A Child Called “It” relates to the “why am I the way I am?” idea because this moment in Dave’s life shows how much he fights to get what he deserves. His experience he wrote about changes everything in his life. Dave will never be the same after this child abuse case and his traits have probably changed too. The author is now able to be proud of getting out of the hole he was in, even though it was an awful experience. This is the one event that changed everything for Dave, and that is why it is most important to him. This moment in his life will haunt him forever, and that is why the reading wasn't always easy.

The reading difficulty was rather easy in A Child Called “It”. I would say the level would be a one or two out of five because the book was less than 200 pages long and there was no extremely difficult vocabulary in Dave’s memoir. Although the actual reading was quite easy, the subject matter difficulty was much harder. A four or even five out of five would explain this book well. The idea of this book is very sad, disgusting, and terrible in many different ways. At times, Dave’s story was hard to read because of how extreme the book was. I did not cry at all during this book, but if you decide to read, tears might be streaming from your eyes. If crying doesn’t suit you, you will still definitely be sickened by the gruesome events that happen. Although the subject difficulty was on the harder side, Dave's message in the book was a lot more important.

In A Child Called “It”, Dave’s “so what?” is that some of the biggest moments in your life don’t have to be good ones. Also, the way people act throughout an event can explain you as a person. In Dave Pelzer’s memoir, he never gives up on life throughout his abuse and keeps on fighting. As a reader, I can tell he has a lot of determination in life. Some of the elements that Dave Pelzer used was flashback and foreshadowing. Throughout the whole story, Dave refers back to the time in his life when he was abused. Also, Dave uses foreshadowing in A Child Called "It". As the reader, I could predict what awful action his mom might do next based on the content of the book. Sometimes Dave's mother would tell him to run home as fast as he can after school. Dave was always dreading the moment when he had to come home. As the reader, I can tell that Dave was most likely going to get abused as soon as he came home from school. The elements enhanced the story very well and created a better memoir.

A Child Called “It” was a very inspirational story that I just could not put down. Some of the elements that Dave used included flashback and foreshadowing. I could predict what was going to happen and also see an event that happened in the past. The ongoing descriptive events kept me excited for more. Although the book included some repulsive details that not only sickened you but also made you sad. The story takes you inside the abuse case and gives you an insight of how the child feels. Imagine a life without people who care for you, or people who don’t even bother to acknowledge your existence. Dave was physically and mentally struggling. No food, no friends, no family, yet he still never gave up. From being forced to lay in the bathtub naked in cold water, to eating ammonia and constantly throwing up. Dave gave the reader a chance to go in his shoes and feel the absolute pain that he had to overcome. For us, a lot of things come for granted. Simple things like food and good clothing. I couldn’t believe that a mother would do such a thing to her own child, and not care at all. Dave has taught valuable lessons to each of his readers. Never lose hope and never take anything for granted. I hope you can also read this book and see what Dave must go through.